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The Taxi Gone Wild Game is a very simple flash video game that can be searched through Google or found on Yahoo! Games. The graphics are very plain and simple, perfect for kids, teenagers, and even adults looking for an easy to understand flash based game. The environment looks almost like the long vast expansiveness of the I15 road between Southern California and Las Vegas. There is the occasional cactus tree placed around the side of the road, but else wise all the environment lends to the eye is a sandy desert, with hills that look like camel humps in the distance, and a road in the middle that seems to have no end.

Play Taxi Gone Wild

Gameplay mechanics are simple. Controls are made with the arrow keys and the x key. The Up Key is used to accelerate the car. The Down key is to stop and decelerate the car. The Right and Left Keys are used to switch to the next lane on the right, and left is to the next lane on the left. The X key will make the car jump, where timing will be a real necessity to overcoming obstacles with the car. Keep in mind that the difficulty gradually increases as the game progresses.

The player is given a taxicab with which to traverse on a single, straight, and long stretch of road with three lanes. The objective is to pass different checkpoints, which are marked by a red flag, as many times as the player can. In between each checkpoint, the player is given a certain amount of time to get to each particular checkpoint. As the player progresses, the countdown continues with a new time stamp. The score is recorded based on how long the player is able to go without running out of time. The obstacles are other cars of different colors, which are randomly placed to increase difficulty as the game continues on. This is, of course, assuming the player has passed on to the next level with each checkpoint passed.

The trick to the game is, once again, timing. When approaching another car, try to jump a decent distance away from the car. Starting the jump too close to the next car will not get the taxi over them. The most annoying parts of the game are when two rows of cars are placed one after the other with little space or time in between. While hand eye coordination is necessary, the player must be quick with reflexes so as to keep from hitting the next car. There is no damage to other cars, they simply are there to block the flow of the game, and are strategically placed to show that another level has passed if the player looses track of passing checkpoints. When a jump is missed, the car will be stuck to the front car. The taxi cab cannot jump over an obstacle if it is directly next to it, this is where the down key becomes handy.

This website allows anyone to play the game for free. No registration is required. There’s no hidden tricks up any developer’s sleeve. Anyone can come in and play the game without any hassles.

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